Best Home Remedies to Clean Mucus & Phlegm

 As terrible as fat sticky mucus, it's actually a vital function in the body. Mucous glue mouth, nose, sinuses, throat, lungs and gastrointestinal tract - lubricate these surfaces as they act and function as a filter to remove unwanted substances before entering the body.


Sore throat: Are hot or iced drinks better for sore throats?

The time of year for sore throat is around us. But what is the best solution: hot or cold?
When we enter the cold season in the northern hemisphere, sore throats begin to find their ugly heads. But should we drink or drink hot drinks on the ice to ease the pain?


Treatment of Breast Surgery Scars

Surgical procedures mostly leave scars, but intensity depends entirely on the length and depth of a cut made over the affected area. Scarring is true for all kinds of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, which are performed to correct and decorate the overall personality of the patient. Despite the benefits and pleasant personality transformations being observed, individuals still show reluctance and are not undergoing surgery undergoing cosmetic procedures. Most are afraid of wearing swelling. Good news is that these bruises can be effectively reduced and even removed after using remedies.


Top 15 Amazing Foods to Relieve Joint Pain

Overview of Joint Pain

Joint pain is one of the most common problems people experience around the world. A joint pain can range from mild pain to severe pain. According to statistics, about 52.5 million Americans are diagnosed with arthritis. This number is expected to increase further in 2050 to 67 million, which means that 1 in 4 Americans will be diagnosed with arthritis. In addition, 30% of American citizens experience 30 days of joint pain every 30 days.


Erectile Dysfunction: 10 Common Myths and Facts

Erectile dysfunction (ED), the inability to get or maintain an erection is a common problem. Most men have difficulty with this, but for some men the problem is going on, which causes problems with self-esteem and their relationships.

Because ED can be a difficult topic for men to talk about, there are many misconceptions that surround the condition. Read on to learn why you should not believe these common myths.

Activities that can Ease Depression

If you have seen a doctor or therapist about your depression, there is probably a point where he or she rises to become active - something in the line of: "How much exercise do you get?" If you experience depression, the act of doing something, as opposed to sitting or lying in bed, can feel like a huge obstacle. 

Monkeypox: Signs, Symptoms, Causes, Prevention and Treatment


 Monkeypox is a rare viral zoonosis disease that is found in remote parts of Central and West Africa primarily. The monkeypox virus causes a serious illness in humans. It is similar to human smallpox but milder.
   The monkeypox virus is transmitted from different wild animals to human. It is secondarily spread through human-to-human transmission.
 There is no treatment or vaccine available yet, although smallpox vaccination was effective in preventing monkeypox also. Monkeypox symptoms is similar to those seen in smallpox patients, although it is milder.