7 Top Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts


Tiger nuts are not well known; especially its nutrients are unknown to many. The production of Horchata (tiger nuts milk) is commonly seen in Spain.  The sweet drink derived from these tiger nuts has not been given much attention as it should be. Different scientific research have discovered that mostly elements and nutrients founds in it are needed for consumption. Drinking its milk gives a healthy and happy life.

This is the main reason I am writing on this tiger nut characteristics and its health benefits. It is a food that should be included in our diet.

6 Top Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts  

 1. Rich Source of Potassium
Tiger nuts contain a high amount of potassium. The work of potassium in regulating blood pressure cannot be over emphasized. Eating tiger nuts help in controlling different activities of the heart. However, banana is a good source of potassium, research has shown that tiger nut contains higher amount of potassium. So, whenever you think of taking banana because of its potassium content, remember your tiger nut will do a better job.
Potassium helps in proper functioning of proper body cells. It enhances proper functioning of different body organs as well.
Potassium is an important electrolyte that helps in acid base balance of the body system. About 25 tiger nuts will provide 139 milligram of potassium.
Absence or insufficient potassium in the body might cause muscle weakness, constipation, arrhythmia and low blood pressure.
Tiger nut when consumed will also help in water distribution and carbohydrate processing due to its potassium component.
         2. A Good Source of Potassium
Tiger nut also contains good quantity of magnesium. Tiger nut provides about 13 to 17 percent when you consumed 100grams of it.
Magnesium is useful in muscle development especially when taken with protein. Tiger nut provides a good source of energy because of its magnesium content.
Magnesium content of tiger nut helps in fighting against osteoporosis and tooth decay. The magnesium content helps to adhere calcium to bones.
Magnesium is responsible for more than 300 biochemical interactions in the body system.
          3. Tiger Nuts Milk
Tiger nut milk just like soy milk can be improvised for cow milk that has high cholesterol level. Tiger nut milk lack bad cholesterol responsible for different heart diseases. Tiger nut milk is a rich source of vitamin C and vitamin E. tiger nut helps to fight different heart diseases. 

  4. A Rich Source of Fiber
Tiger nut contains a high amount of fiber that is necessary for healthy bole movement. Generally, fibers help in losing weight  and it encourages flat tummy. Other sources of fibre include who grains , seeds and nuts. The high fibre content in tiger nuts makes it a valuable snack. People that are obese are encouraged to take a lot of tiger nuts. Fibers generally stay longer in the stomach and have a high calorie level. The calorie level tiger nuts do not increase the body sugar level, thus an ideal food for diabetes.  Hence, tiger nuts can serve as a great substitute for carbohydrate.

  5. A Rich Source of Antioxidant
Tiger nuts are rich source of antioxidant; it helps to eliminate toxins in the body. Antioxidant is commonly found in vegetables and fruits.

6.   Rich Tiger Nuts Oil
Tiger nut oil is as good as olive oil. It contains high level of monounsaturated fatty acids. It helps to nourish and protect the skin.  Tiger nut oil can be use in treating eczema when apply topically on it. It contains vitamin E that is found in most beauty products. The vitamin E content helps to reduce aging and thus can be categories under anti-aging diet.
Welcome to the era of tiger nut, consume it and have a balanced diet and healthy life.



Thanks for this post.can Tiger nut milk be given to babies.

feranmi said...

It can be introduced to babies that has stopped breastfeeding. It is very rich for babies on weaning