Dark chocolate | The Secret of Beautiful Ladies

I have seen  ladies craving for chocolates. Most men add chocolate to ladies hampers in order to attract ladies. Although, I have seen men that love chocolate but not as much as ladies love chocolate, flowers, and teddy bear,.  In this article, I am going to reveal why ladies that eat a lot of dark chocolate get healthy and beautiful due to its health benefits.  About 70 percent of chocolate lovers are females. There are different types of chocolates, white chocolate, milk chocolate and my favorite, dark chocolate. The most healthy chocolate is the dark one.

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Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Antioxidants Property of Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate lovers enjoy the antioxidant property of chocolate. Antioxidant is compounds that that fight against free radicals in the body. Free radicals are responsible for aging and wrinkles. People that eat dark chocolates develop fewer wrinkles. The antioxidant property of dark chocolate is my dearest reason why I love eating it. The antioxidants found in dark chocolates include flavonoids and polyphenols. Dark chocolate is an anti-aging food.
Cocoa use to make dark chocolate is the highest source of polyphenol and flavonoids. Dark chocolates contain more flavonoids than tea and wine. The more cacao or cocoa present in chocolate, the more the antioxidant present in it.
Free radicals are the major cause of diseases in the body. They are responsible for aging and other aging signs and symptoms. Dark chocolate helps to eliminate these free radicals. Other antioxidants include vitamins, phytochemicals and minerals.
In a research published in chemistry central journal, carried out by Hershey Co., the flavonoid and polyphenol component of dark chocolate bar were compared to some other fruits like blueberry, cranberry pomegranate and aecia. The study shows that flavanols in cacao powder (30.1 milligram per gram) is significantly greater than other super fruits. It also shows that the antioxidant in dark chocolate is greater than in other fruits except in pomegranates. The polyphenol content of dark chocolate bar is about 1000milligram per gram. This is also significantly greater than those found in other fruits excluding pomegranate.
Dark chocolate is processed from cacao. The cacao beans are then removed from the pods and allow to ferment it is then dried. Dark chocolate factories process the dried chocolate. The pure cocoa powder is more nutritious than the more processed ones that under goes heating. Pure cocoa powder are processed using cold pressing, thus more naturally preserved nutrients.
Dark chocolate can have semi sweet taste or bitter taste. The extra dark ones are the ones with bitter taste. Milk chocolate has about 10 percent pure cocoa, 12 percent solid milk and 4 percent milk fat. White chocolates cannot be really called a chocolate because it does not contain any solid cocoa, it only contains cocoa butter. The dark chocolate is the healthy one recommended to get the antioxidant from. Dark chocolate has less sugar and high cocoa content.
Unsweetened chocolate is also recommended as it contains approximately 100 percent pure cocoa and no sugar.

Other Health Benefits of Chocolate are;


Cognitive Function- Brain Food
Dark chocolates are good for children and even adults. It is good for memory and concentration. It can be classified among the brain foods. Flavanol rich cocoa increases blood flow to the brain, the cerebral gray matter to be specific. Thus people that consume dark chocolate tend to have higher intelligence quotient. The flavonoid content is good for the brain. 
Dark chocolates also help to prevent and reduce the incidence of Health conditions that has to do with low cerebral blood flow like dementia and stroke.
Good for Diabetes and Hypertensives
In a research published in 2015, it compared the effect of dark chocolate and white chocolate on type 2 diabetic’s patient. They noticed that dark chocolate reduces the fasting blood sugar. It also reduces the blood pressure of patients suffering from both diabetes and hypertension. Thus dark chocolates are also good for hypertensives as it reduces blood pressure.
It Reduces Bad Cholesterol
Dark chocolate contains the same amount of oleic acid as that found in olive oil. This is a monosaturated fat. Dark chocolate improves the cholesterol profile of body system. It reduces the bad cholesterol in the body. Although it contains palmitic acid but it is at minimal level. It also contains stearic acid that has neutral acids.
In a study published in southern medical journal in 2009, it reveals that dark chocolate improves the lipid profile in the body system. It also reduces platelet reactivity in both genders. The research was carried out on 28 healthy volunteers. The 3 week consumption of dark chocolate increases the good cholesterol level, that is the high density lipoprotein, HDL.  15 days consumption reduces the bad cholesterol, low density protein (LDL), by 6.5 – 7.5 percent.

Side Effects of Dark Chocolate

As an adage says, too much of everything is bad. Eating too much of chocolate can result in different side effects. Pregnant women should minimize the intake of chocolate. Also breastfeeding mothers and couples trying to get pregnant should minimize the intake. If you are allergic to dairies, avoid milk chocolate and always check the content of your chocolate. Choose the right product when purchasing your chocolate. Some people are so sensitive to caffeine and they have to consume it in limited amount.  Not everybody reacts to this side effect. Such includes;
Frequent urination
Headaches and migraines
Neck pain
Nausea and vomiting
Lack of sleep, insomnia
Upset stomach and GIT
Weight gain
Dental caries like tooth decay
Damaged kidney
Bloating and gas
Low bone density
Rapid heartbeat

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