Hangovers: Symptoms and Cure


It is good to know what to use for hangover than just waiting for it to go on its own which may take longer period. Hangover cure cannot be mentioned in full but I will give you the best remedy for it.
Hangover comes with different symptoms from one individual to another.  This might include headache which is the most common symptom, dizziness, confusion and nausea. You might also undergo some other psychological symptoms like regret, depression, embarrassment and anxiety.

Other Signs and Symptoms of Hangover includes
Hyper salivation
Increased heartbeat
Stomach ache
Muscle pain and ache
Sensitivity to loud noise and light

Hangovers may be more severe as it might lead to Alcohol Poisoning. Alcohol poisoning is an emergency condition. You have alcohol poisoning if you experience the following;

Low body temperature (hypothermia)
Continuous vomit
Low respiratory rate and irregular breathing ( to less than 8 inspiration in a minute)
Consequences of hangovers
Low blood sugar- hangover may result in drop in blood sugar level. This may result in weakness, tiredness, and seizure.
Reduced sleep quality- sleep is very good for the body. you get deprived of quality sleep when you experience hangover.
Immune system – your immune system response may be affected resulting in inflammatory reaction. The concentration rate can be affected and you may loss appetite.

Some of the things I will discuss here are good for hangovers and alleviate your symptoms fast. Normally, hangovers will go in 24hours.  Some people have bad idea in treating hangover like taking alcohol again. Taking more alcohol when you already have hangover will give you more headache and migraine.

Hangovers Cure   

The number 1 treatment recommended for hangovers is water. Alcohol is a diuretic agent and this is why you visit the toilet to urinate after taking beer. The more you drink, the more you visit the toilet. It being a substance that can cause dehydration makes water essential to cure hangovers.  At every glass of beer you take, take a glass of water with it. Taking water will help in replacing water lost to beer intake. The hangover may be as a result of the water lost.

Sport drinks
Sport drinks will help you replace some of the electrolytes lost to urination. Although, you might not necessarily have to replace them, this is because the body can take care of some of them.

Taking coffee can help in changing your mood. It helps you to get alert and enhance you to work. Caffeine present in coffee can also help in treating migraine and headache associated with hangovers. After taking your coffee, ensure you take water as well because coffee can also cause dehydration. 

Actually, eating food after hangover may not really help. Food before alcohol will help to the absorption of alcohol.  It takes time for alcohol to enter your blood stream.  Ensure you eat before take beer. Do not rush your beer; it is advisable to take it slowly. Take some vitamins if you have.

Pain killers
You can use over the counter (OTC) pain killers like paracetamol to ease the headache and migraine. 

Involve yourself in some exercise to ease hangover on time.  Although exercise and hangover sounds odd, but giving it a trial will convince you.  Exercise can also dehydrate the body, so ensure you have some bottles of water with you. Some people say having sex helps to cure hangover since it is a form of exercise and it helps to ease stress. 

Have a good rest. Try as much as possible to sleep.


Above all, it is advisable to drink responsibly. Do not drink more than your ability. Take a bottle of water along with your beer. All these cure above are meant for times you may forget yourself and you take more than your ability. Try to drink moderately

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