8 Best Ways to Get a Fair Skin Without Bleaching Cream


It is not only by using bleaching cream you can lighten up. Some people admires fair people and wish to be fair. You don’t need to use chemicals all the time to be fair. Prolong use of bleaching cream can cause result in different problems.  In this article, I will share with you how to lighten up naturally without stress and chemicals.  Going naturally is safe and advisable. Some people get darker and are worried on the cause and they like to lighten up a bit without bleaching their skin. People that are dark has high amount of melanin. Melanin is responsible for different skin colors.


 Other causes of dark complexion apart from melanin include sunlight, dirt, stress, water and dusts. There are different ways of getting fairer which can be naturally or artificially.

How to Naturally Lighten or Tone your Skin

1. Use of Water
The power of water in making the body healthy cannot be over emphasized. Drinking adequate water helps to get the body fresh and hydrated. It helps to moisturize the skin. Water helps increase the body tone. It moisturizes and opens up skin pore filled or clogged with dirt. With open pores, fresh oxygen rich air is able to penetrate the skin making them fresher.

2. Use of Sunscreen
Direct rays of sun cause dark skin. Whenever you are going out under the sun, it is necessary to block the rays from penetrating the skin by using sun screen. The use of sun lock is highly important and recommended. There different brands and types in the market. They come in different prices. Buy the one suit for your skin and the ones you can afford. Sunscreen protects your skin from getting darker.

3. Maintain Regular Face Cleaning
Dirt and dust can make the skin darker. You can prevent and get rid of it by ensure good personal hygiene. Get a good soap and wash you face for at least 2 times daily. Get a good face cleanser and use it to clean your face at least twice a week. Regular face cleaning is one of the effective ways of increasing skin tone. It freshen the skin up as well.

4. Fruits
Fruits are very important for fresh skin and face. There are different types of fruit and most of it can be classified under the anti aging foods. Fruits have a great potential in increasing skin tone. Some fruits lighten the skin up by consumption while some does by topically applying them. Fruits like turmeric, lemon can be applied to the face topically. Consumption of fruits like banana, strawberries, coconut, and ripe pawpaw helps to increase skin tone.

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5.Some Home Remedies
Some natural remedies are good for the skin. You can mix different natural stuffs together to increase your skin tone. I will share few examples here:
  • Mixture of olive oil, honey and oat flour is good for the face. Mix these together and apply as face mask for about 30 minutes and wash off with warm water. You will notice changes in your skin tone right from the first use
  • Lemon has a powerful bleaching power. It naturally tones the skin. You can extract the juice and use as face cleanser. Apply using cotton wool and wash your face after about 20 minutes of application.
  • Rose water also helps to freshen and tone the skin. It cleanses the face of dust and dirt on the face.
  • Mixture of lemon juice, yogurt and honey increases the skin tone when use as face mask.
6. Vitamin
Vitamin is added to different beauty product. The most common vitamin seen in creams and different product is Vitamin E. vitamin are naturally present in different fruits like gooseberries, green peas , green vegetables and lot more.

7. Moisturizer
Moisturizer helps to freshen the skin and keep it hydrated. Moisturizers are important in maintaining the body tone.

8. Exercise
Involve yourself in exercise as it helps in maintaining fresh and active skin.

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