10 Top Health Benefits of Dates Fruit


Most people like the sweet taste of dates fruit. It has some amazing benefits that add to why people love it. It is common known to help improve low libido, relief constipation, cancer, heart problems and diarrhea. It is a rich source of vitamins like niacin, riboflavin, folic acids, thiamine and vitamin K. It also contains minerals like iron, sulfur, potassium, magnesium, copper and calcium.


Dates fruit are recommended for people that need muscle development. There are different ways of taking dates. It can be mix with coconut, and tiger nut. It can be grounded into paste to make butter and eat bread. You can mix it with your own butter. It helps to recover from sickness and injuries.

Dates fruit is commonly use among the Muslims when they want to break their fasts. It helps to avoid eating too much after breaking fasts. It helps to prevent abdominal cancer.  As it is a rich source of fiber, it is good for cancer patients. The American Cancer Society recommends 20-35 grams of dietary fiber intake daily.
Dates food has been seen to help improve vision. It helps to prevent against night blindness.

It is also a rich source of energy. It has a very sweet taste that makes children and adult like it. It facilitates digestion as it contains fibers as well. It contains fructose, glucose and sucrose that are natural sugars

1. For Constipation- People that frequently suffer from constipation can get relieved by consumed dates fruit. It is grouped among laxative foods. Soak dates fruit in water overnight. Eat it early in the following morning and it is going to facilitate your bowel movement. Then you can pass stool easily after then.

2. For Strong and Healthy Bones- Dates being a rich source of minerals helps in giving the bones strength. It is a rich source of calcium that helps to fight osteomalacia in children and osteoporosis in adults. It helps to reduce pains associated with osteoporosis. Magnesium, copper, and manganese component of date plants in healthy bone development.

3. For Anemia Patients- dates is a rich source of iron. Eating dates helps to supplement for iron in food, hence it is recommended for patients that have anemia.

4. For Weight Gaining- one of the surprising facts about dates fruit is its ability to help gain weight. Dates containing high quantity of sugar, proteins and minerals facilitates it weight gaining characteristics.

5. For GIT Disorders- dates contains nicotine hat helps in treating different gastro-intestinal disorders. It avoids the growth of pathogens in the intestines. Dates encourages the growth of good bacteria. The presence of bad bacteria is responsible for different conditions like vaginal yeast infections, candidiasis and bacterial vaginosis .

6. For Healthy Heart- dates when soaked overnight and taken in the morning helps in having a healthy heart. Potassium content of dates fruits helps to reduce the incidence of different heart problems like stroke, heart attack and other cardiac diseases. Date helps to reduce the case of arteriosclerosis cause by bad cholesterol in blood vessels. Dates helps to reduce cholesterol level

7. For Brain- dates is one of the brain foods that helps to improve intelligent quotient. It improves brain speed and alertness. It contains vitamins that helps to boost the nervous systems function. It helps the children and adult to have a sharp mind.

8. For Sex Drive- dates have been known for his function in improving sex drive in men and women. It helps to improve low libido. When grinded with coconut and fresh goat milk, it improves sexual stamina.

9. For Hangovers- dates helps to recover from hangovers. It has a soothing effect on the GIT. In order to use dates for alcohol intoxication, soak it overnight and eat.

10. For Diarrhea- dates that are ripe contains potassium which is good in treating diarrhea. Soak dates overnight before you use it to treat diarrhea. It contains both soluble and insoluble fibers.

Side Effects of Dates

Dates do not have any side effect. It is a good and healthy fruit. It soothes the stomach, reduces alcohol intoxification and aids digestion.
However, dates fruits tend to keep a lot of dirt and can make them not hygienic. Wash and clean the fruit surface very well before eating because of the rough skin that is dirt friendly. To avoid eating dates with pathogen, go for well processed and package ones.

References: American Cancer Society


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Date fruit is very sweet.I like it. I am very happy it has all this added benefits.thanks

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What a new concept I must say we'll written.. The best of it is that it boost metabolism and blood circulation..
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