Sore Throat Home Remedies for Children and Adult



A sore throat is referred to throat with pain, irritation, or itch. The main symptom of a sore throat is throat pain. The pain get worse when trying to swallow. Most people lost appetite due to difficulty swallowing food and drinks.


Sore throat can affect your good night’s sleep. Before getting sore throat medicine, you can use home remedies to relief the pain and irritation.

Here are Some Natural Home Remedies of Sore Throat.

1. Salt water

Salt water is the most common remedy for sore throat. Gargling with warm salt water helps relief sore throat. It also breaks down secretions. Salt water also has anti-bacteria effect in the throat. You can make your salt water solution by adding a half-teaspoon of salt with a glass of warm water. Use the salt solution to gargle the throat. It will help reduce swelling associated with the sore. It will also clean the throat. Repeat the gargling every three hours or four

2. Honey
You can mix honey in tea or just lick it. A study discovered that honey is effective in soothing night
coughs much better than the common cough suppressants.
Some other discoveries shows that honey is effective in treating wound. Thus, it can speed the healing of sore throats.

3. Chamomile Tea
Chamomile tea is commonly known for its natural soothing effect. It has its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and astringent properties making it effective in treating sore throat.
A study shows that inhaling chamomile steam helps relieve cold symptoms which might includes sore throat. Drinking chamomile tea also stimulate the body immune system in fighting infection that may caused sore throat.

4. Peppermint
Peppermint is commonly known for its effect in freshening breath. Peppermint oil sprays helps relieve sore throats. Menthol component of peppermint helps to thin the thick mucus at the throat. it thus relieves sore throats and coughs. Peppermint's anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and
antiviral effect encourages wound healing.

5. Baking soda
Make baking soda solution by mixing salt water with baking soda. It offers a better relieve to your sore throat. Gargling your throat with this solution to kill causative bacteria and prevent yeast and fungi growth.
The National Cancer Institute recommends a combination of 1 cup warm water, 1/4 teaspoon baking soda, and 1/8 teaspoon of salt to gargle every three hours as needed.

6. Licorice root
Licorice root is very ancient in treating sore throats. Recent study shows it’s effectiveness in treating sore throat. Mix Licorice root with water to make a solution. Use the solution to gargle.
 Note that National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health advised pregnant and breastfeeding women to avoid licorice remedy.

7. Fenugreek
Fenugreek has a lot of health benefits. You can use the fenugreek oil or drink fenugreek tea to relief the sore throat. Fenugreek kills the causative bacteria.
The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health warned pregnant women to avoid taking fenugreek.

8. Marshmallow root
Marshmallow root has a mucus that can soothe a sore throat. You can add some dried Marshmallow root to boiling water to make the tea. Take the tea three to four times daily.
It is necessary that diabetes patient should consult their doctor before taking marshmallow root. Some studied carried out on animal shows that it may cause a drop in blood sugar level.

9. Slippery elm
Slippery elm has a mucus-like substance in it just like marshmallow root. Mix with water to give a slick gel that can coats and soothes the throat. Add powdered bark to boiling water, stir and drink.
According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, slippery elm may decrease the rate of absorption of other medication.

10. Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has antibacterial uses property. Different studies has shown its antimicrobial ability in fighting infections. It helps break down mucus in the throat due to its acidic nature and also stops spread of bacteria.
Dilute 1 to 2 tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. use the solution to gargle your throat. Repeat this process every hour.

11. Garlic
Garlic is a natural antibacteria. It contains allicin, that helps fight off infections.
Studies have shown that garlic supplement can help prevent the common cold virus. You can add fresh garlic to your diet.

12. Cayenne pepper or Hot sauce
Hot sauce is commonly used as a pain reliever. Cayenne pepper contains a natural compound called capsaicin,which has the ability to block pain receptors. However, this is not scientifically proven.
Mix cayenne with warm water and honey and take to relief sore throats pain. Expect an initial burning
Note that in case of open sores in your mouth, do not use cayenne .

Sore Throat Remedies for Children and Infants            

Sore throats in infants and young children are not funny. sore throats in children are not always sign of a medical emergency. Treatment of sore throats in children and infants is different from that of adult.

Here are a few tips and remedies:

    Put cool mist or a humidifier in your child’s room. Pain from a sore throat can be relieved with moisture in the air.
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    Encourage your child to take plenty water to keep them hydrated. Do not give them juices or Popsicle especially those with citrus.
    If your child is under 5 years old, do not give him or her hard candy cough drops. It is of great importance when giving cough drops to children under 10 years to be cautious.
    Avoid giving honey to children below 1 year old.

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