Importance of Health Insurance

Many think that a health insurance policy only pays for hospital expenses. This is really not the full picture. The health insurance policies also pay the bill for other expenses. Many benefits from health insurance policies remain unused due to lack of knowledge among insured persons. Remember that the usefulness of a health coverage depends not only on its features but also on how well you can use it. Let us understand in detail.

Why must I go for health insurance?

1. Revitalization: -

Also known as the recovery or recovery benefit, insurers take care of the costs of collecting the insured under this chapter. The benefit is granted to cover the additional costs that may result from hospitalization, such as loss of income. The insurer pays a lump sum in case of prolonged hospitalization, ranging from 7 to 10 days, to the contractor. In some policies, the associated costs, such as palliative behavior visits of family members, are also covered.

2. Alternative treatment: -

In recent years, the popularity of alternative therapy has multiplied. This has prompted many insurance companies to cover alternative treatments such as Ayurveda, homeopathy and yoga.

3. Expenses related to the organ donor: -

Having health insurance ensures that you will not have to worry about your medical expenses before undergoing organ transplant surgery. Most general insurance companies cover organ transplant surgery as part of regular health insurance programs. Some insurers pay the full costs, while others put a ceiling on these costs or offer an additional benefit. However, insurers only cover the cost of surgery for harvesting the instrument. That is, other costs such as donor hospitalization, post-surgical complications and the cost of detection are not covered by the insurer.

4. Household treatment: -

Many insurers have extended their insurance coverage to include home treatment under medical supervision. However, insurers have limited the amount and number of days for which the benefit is available.

5. Benefit Participant: -

Insurance companies offer an auxiliary allowance to adults accompanying the insured in a hospital if the insured is a child. In most cases the number of days for which the insurer pays the benefit allowance is determined.

6. Daily hospital cash allowance: -

Insurers provide additional financial protection to cover non-policy expenses such as food and travel.

7. Free Health Check: -

Another benefit from health insurance policies offers free periodic health checks to their insured after every 4 or 5 years of discharge. Insurers offer a cashless medical check if the examinations are made in hospitals or centers that have been installed. (Read: Do you know that health insurance provides free medical check-ups?

8. Dental treatment: -

Various insurance companies cover dental care once in a few years with sub-limits.

9. Bariatric (weight loss) surgical procedures: -

Bariatric procedures are no longer considered a weight loss process for cosmetics, but a recovery technique for obese patients struggling with medical conditions caused by or related to weight.

In conclusion, health insurance is recommended for you. You do not1 want to be running helterskelter when the need comes.

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