10 things your hands can tell about your health

The hands rely on the body system symphony to function properly. So doctors often check these appendages for signs of disease and disease.
Your doctor does not have to be a palm reader to make amazing predictions about your health.

Especially when something does not work properly, the hand speaks volumes. Their shape, function and appearance can provide important prognostic and diagnostic clues.
You can learn a lot by seeing your hands. Medical professionals, including neurologists, cardiologists and dermatologists, look at the hand and share a common whimsical thing they often see. You will be shocked to learn that your hands have been leaked.

1. Symptoms: Weak hand grip
A stupid handshake in business speaks of your personality. In medicine, it can be a sign that your health deteriorates.
Decreased grip and slow gait may actually increase the risk of death from heart disease in the elderly, according to a 2016 review of the Cardiology Journal.
Recently, a PLOS One study of adults aged 40 to 69 found a stronger grip that could be a sign of healthy cardiac function and structure. Based on the results of this study, researchers suspect that hand grips may someday be a useful measure of identifying those at high risk for heart disease.

2.Symptoms: Small red bumps or blisters
Red rashes on the hands and wrists, blisters sometimes and nickel allergy symptoms may occur. Sensitivity to nickel is one of the most common causes of allergic contact dermatitis.

Many things that touch your skin include nickel, bracelets, watches, rings, and even cell phones. But did you know that eating nickel-containing foods can cause a hand rash?

"Nickel is especially seen richly in beans, chocolate, peanuts, beans, oatmeal and granola. By trying to avoid food with nickel, you can determine if this applies to you.

3.Symptoms: Numbness
Pins and needles in your hands? Young and healthy people are more likely to have wrist tunnel syndrome.

Many people experience a tingling or numbness at night because they are sleeping with their wrist bent. The flexion compresses the median nerve from the wrist to the hand.

The doctor can use an electromyogram to look for nerve or muscle damage. Carpal tunnel treatment varies from splint to surgery.

But there are many other reasons for numbness and tingling. For example, if you experience severe ventilation because you are anxious, you may have a temporary tingling in your fingers.

Note: You need to worry about a stroke when your arm or hand is suddenly paralyzed or weakened

4 .Symptoms: Long ring finger
Scientists consider the length of the fingers of the second finger (pointer or index) compared to the length of the fourth finger (finger), the marker of testosterone exposure in the womb. For females, fingers and fingers are usually about the same length. Men tend to have shorter ringers and shorter pointers or "lower" digit ratios.

Can you estimate your athletic ability with finger length? No one knows for certain, but there are studies linking low-to-high ratios to performance improvements in sports such as rugby, surfing, tuning and running.

5. Symptoms: Trigger Finger
Yes, trigger fingers are real. When you try to bend or straighten your fingers, it means that your fingers are splashed, caught, or stuck. Trigger is more common in women than men and most commonly affects the thumb or thumb.

What happens is that the tendons become inflamed by the tendons (the rope-like structure connecting the muscles and the bones) or the passing tunnel, making it harder for the tendons to move.

Anyone can pull the trigger. However, people with inflammatory symptoms of arthritis, thyroid disease and diabetes, and those with a lot of hand use can see it more often.

6. Symptoms: Bumps filled with red scales or pus

Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune condition that can cause scale of the skin surface and can appear on the hands or nails.

"Psoriasis in the hands can look like a red, scaly plaque, and sometimes it can include a pustule - a white pore in the palm.

Changes in nails can also occur, such as pitting, yellow stains under the fingernails, and separation of the fingernails from the nail.

It is important to get a diagnosis if you think you have psoriasis. "Psoriasis can be associated with many complications including arthritis and cardiovascular disease.

7. Symptoms: white, blue or red fingers

When your fingers become faint when you are cold or stressed, it turns blue, violet, or black, and it is recommended that you have Raynaud's.

Sudden changes in temperature or emotional state can cause this condition to cause temporary blood flow to the fingers or toes. Your fingers can become numb, cold or sore. As blood flow recovers, the digits may shudder or mix and turn red.

Raynaud's is commonly seen especially in young women. It can stand alone. It is not dangerous. It is stimulating.  It may be related to the immune system itself, or it may be related to lupus or scleroderma. "

8. Symptoms: Hand tremors

Occasional hand trembling is less important, and at other times may be a sign of neurological disease.

Everyone has a slight shake in their hands (think about the last very precise thing, just like a needle). It is called a physiological vibration.
Hand tremor becomes even more noticeable when you did not sleep by been, over-caffeinated or taking certain medications or stopping alcohol consumption.

Another type of tremble called essential tremor causes hand and arm tremors on both sides of the body. It often runs with the family and takes action whenever someone performs manual tasks such as meals.

And there are various disease-related progress. For example, the progress of Parkinson's disease usually involves one hand, or one hand is more prominent. Quivering occurs when hands are resting. If the movement and stiffness of the limbs affected by the tremor is slow, it can be consistent with Parkinson's disease.

9. Symptoms: purple nodule

If Doctor sees a patient with a painful, red or purple bump (called an Osler node) at his or her fingertips, the diagnosis is almost certain. "Bacterial infections of heart valves are very unusual for the endocardium.

Endocarditis causes hemorrhage under the skin of the palm, leaving purple or brown spots, bleeding under the nails or near the nails.

10. Symptoms: Hand pain, stiffness and swelling

Rheumatologists think of a variety of inflammatory diseases that can cause symptoms when women have sore or inflamed hands.

Possible causes are rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, lupus, vasculitis (vascular inflammation), scleroderma (connective tissue disease) and dermatomyositis (skin and muscle disorders).

Swollen hands can suggest inflammatory bowel disease. More generally, it may affect your knees and ankles, But there is no doubt that it can affect your hands.

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