When Enough is Enough; How do you Know when to End a Relationship?

You love him/her, but you are not sure if the relationship will ever be good. Is there a miracle answer to the question of whether the relationship can get better or whether you should go? No, there it is not. However, there are some things you can try to improve the relationship, and if that does not work, enough is enough.

You can not stay in a bad relationship just because it was good once, stuck to the memories, or because you're scared to be alone, or because the good parts are great. There are great relationships and you deserve one.

What you can do to improve the relationship

Unless your relationship has reached a point where you know that you can not stay because of emotional or physical abuse, or because you are so unhappy that you can not handle another day. A serious goal is that the relationship works, so they know for sure that they have really tried. It tends to prevent any regrets.

What can you do to repair a relationship?

There are always two that belong to it. Your partner must also be prepared to change. However, as you change, your partner often changes without you having to ask. I often suggest that you begin with what you can do for a few weeks, and after doing so, ask your partner to join you. That is, all relationships are different and sometimes it's much better to talk to your partner in advance.

One thing you can do alone is stop complaining and praising. Give yourself the challenge that you do not complain about your partner for two weeks or "playfully" lay him down.
Instead you will:
  • Compliment your partner for another thing every day (their kindness, how good they are at cooking, their strong muscles, their sharpness, their looks, their driving skills ...)
When you're out there and your friends "playfully" joke about their partner's mistakes, you say something like "We all have funny mistakes, but what I love about my partner is that he's so outrageously hot, funny, and nice. .. "Or that you just can not resist him if ... or something similar. Let him be proud of others. Even if your friends do not joke about their partners, find an excuse to praise your partner before them.
  • Write down every day what you are grateful for in the relationship.
If your partner annoys you by forgetting to bring out the garbage for the fifth time in a row, do not cause trouble. Instead, when he remembers, kiss him and playfully pound his ass and thank him for being so wonderful. Keep this pattern with everything you want: do not cause trouble if it does not, rather praise it when it does.
Everything your partner does, you enjoy, thank him / praise him for it. That includes everything in the bedroom! Give him self-confidence. Let him feel good.
The above often helps because once relationships have left the slippery mound of negativity, they begin to feel bad about themselves because they absorb the negativity from their partner. Even if you are dissatisfied with just one thing, if you run around, think about it and pout over it, it will darken everything else that you do. As a result, your partner will no longer feel comfortable in the relationship and begin to be negative. It's not that your bad attitude or nagging feeling would make them buy you flowers. And slowly love dies. It does not have to - you can change things.

Another important thing to do before making a decision is, if you have any doubts, to get a perspective.  
  • Make sure you take time to look after yourself and to feel good about yourself.    Go to the gym / exercise. Take time for a hot bath and meditate a few times a week. Spend time with your friends or, when new to the city, visit groups or other activities. If you can, get away so often for the weekend alone. It will not only give you clarity, it will also give you time to miss.
To make sensible decisions, you have to stand on your own two feet. Your relationship / partner may not be everything in your life. You have to be an individual in a relationship, not someone who has given up their individuality for the relationship, because that will not make you feel good. In fact, it can be the whole Be ruining your relationship.

Quality time in the relationship. Another important thing to keep in mind is the time spent in the relationship. If you always sit in your sweater and watch movies, your relationship will not feel very special. Make sure you do new things together - explore life together, learning things together, traveling together, go for wine tasting or  jumping together. And take this one date a night once a week for special sex. Make an effort. What stagnates, dies. In your own life, as in your relationship, you need to explore new things to grow and feel contented.

When it's time to go

All in all, there are times when a relationship can not be resolved. Below are some examples of when it's really time to go.

  • Any form of physical abuse.
  • Obsessive control freak mentality - they will not let you go out without knowing your every move, you can not party on your own because they think you could cheat them, they stalk you when you're on the go, they interrogate you every single thing you are doing, or trying to control what you are doing, who you are with, and / or what you are carrying, eating, etc.
  • They fly with outbursts of rage and not just the kind of outbursts of rage that you can laugh about because you know they are harmless, but they really become vicious.
  • A drug / alcohol abuse problem. If you will not stand it (you do not have to leave because of that, but you have to watch what it means for your life if you do not - you could visit a self-help groups).
  • When he or she does not really care about the relationship - he/she knows that he/she is not busy, and it's not because they're busy at work, they just never made it a priority in their lives. You can still be with him/her, but you must stop making it a priority in yours, unless you want to get hurt. Show them that they will not get you all if you do not get them all.
  • You know that he/she do not want to imagine a future for you and you want to have a future with such person.You go in a completely different direction and you know that your roads are not compatible.
  • You do not really feel attracted to each other. You are like friends with benefits that seem like a comforting blanket, but you were never really in love with them. Nothing they ever do will make you see stars.
  • He/she is cheating on you.
They are not the type of person who wants the kind of relationship you want to do - they never give you the kind of attention you need.

Remember - do not be sad to see somebodyoff if it does not work, but find something that does it now. It's never easy to say goodbye, but it's even harder to be in a bad relationship for the rest of your life. You literally rob yourself of happiness.

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